10 Unknown Facts About King Charles III That You Didn’t Know

Charles is the first British royal to earn a university degree, he studied history at Cambridge University’s Trinity College.

As a school kid, he was bullied by classmates at Gordonstoun, a Scottish boarding school.

Charles was the first heir not educated at home.

Charles spent seven years in uniform, training as a Royal Air Force pilot before joining the Royal Navy, where he learned to fly helicopters.

When his mother acceded to the throne in 1952, the 3-year-old prince became the Duke of Cornwall. He became Prince of Wales at 20.

In 2018, Charles was named the queen’s designated successor as head of the Commonwealth

Charles met Lady Diana Spencer in 1977 when she was 16 and he was dating her older sister.

Diana apparently didn’t see him again until 1980, and rumors of their engagement swirled after she was invited to spend time with Charles and the royal family.

Charles admitted to adultery to a TV interviewer in 1994.


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