Massive Artificial-Gravity Buildings on Moon

Humans are trying their best to explore living possibilities out of earth.

Moon and Mars are the two most researched places for the same purpose since last many decades.

In all these decades, we have the best probable plan from Japan, that would make it possible to live on Moon

Gravitational Force is the biggest boon earth has that makes it a suitable for human living.

Japanese researchers have come up with the Artificial-Gravity buildings

This massive 1,300 foot-tall rotating structure is called "The Glass."

It is designed to rotate every 20 seconds using centrifugal force to achieve "normal gravity," the plan is to create “artificial gravity living facilities" that basically recreate the living conditions of Earth.

Asahi Shimbun reports that plans to build the massive structure will take close to 100 years, although a simplified version of "The Glass" could be on the moon by 2050.

The team aims to build two separate facilities called "Lunar Glass" for the moon and "Mars Glass" for Mars.

Further plans for "The Glass" facilities include forests and waterfronts to mimic the biodiversity of Earth along with a transportation system called the “Hexagon Space Track System"


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