Brutal heat is on the way to New York City to break all records

Power up your air-conditioners, historic heat is on the horizon in New York City.

A brutal stretch of scorching temperatures begins on 19th July with no immediate relief in sight, with a forecast full of 90-degree days threatening the safety of New Yorkers.

Every day this week is projected to exceed 90 degrees, and that streak could continue into the following week, Fox Weather Meteorologist.

“I can’t emphasize enough that, yes, it’s supposed to be hot during the summer, but it’s the consecutive 90-degree days that make it really hard for our body to handle,”, Fox Weather Meteorologist

“If you don’t have air conditioning, you don’t have a lot of time to cool off in the evening hours, because our temperatures don’t drop as dramatically in the summer.”

Eight consecutive days of 90-degree weather or higher would account for one of the 10 hottest stretches in the history of New York City.

The city’s record of 12 consecutive 90-degree days was set during the summer of 1953.

The two most recent streaks of at least eight days at 90 degrees in New York both occurred in 2002.

The high temperatures mixed with the Manhattan humidity figures to cause some sweaty and uncomfortable days in the city.

In the heat wave like this, the hardest part for New Yorkers is always the subways

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