Chris Pratt Denies Anti-LGBTQ Accusations and says 'I Never Went to Hillsong'

Recently, allegations were made on the Chris Pratt saying that he attended Hillsong megachurch.

Hislong Church is a scandal-ridden institution known for alleged anti-LGBTQ views and gay conversion therapy among other high-profile controversies

Chris was giving an interview with Men's Health, in which he denied the allegations made on him.

Chris denied the allegations saying that he has never been to the church nor does he know anyone from the congregation

Chris even said that he doesn't even know anyone from that church.

In 2019, “Umbrella Academy” star Elliot Page was one of the first people to slam Pratt over his supposed ties to Hillsong after the “Avengers” star appeared on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” to talk about his faith.

Pratt later responded on Instagram saying that the allegations were not true.


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