Danny Bonaduce's Mysterious Illness Left Him Unable to Walk or Speak

Danny Bonaduce opened up about his mysterious illness that affected his ability to live a normal life

Danny told during an interview that his wife, Amy Railsback, noticed that he was exhibiting certain symptoms in April, specifically his speech seemed off.

Since then the symptoms escalated, but the medical team has been unable to deduce a effective diagnosis. 

Danny told that his wife looked very nervous when she noticed that he could not walk or speak properly.

He underwent a series of tests, which ruled out a possible stroke.

The actor stayed in the hospital for five days when doctors ran tests, but they could not figure out what exactly he was suffering from

He announced in the April that he'd be taking a break from the entertainment business due to a health issue.

After that this is the first time he opened up about his health and personal life. We hope he gets well very soon!


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