Italian veteran Chiellini to join Los Angeles FC's young roster

Chiellini is one of the best Center  Backs world soccer has ever seen.

He is excited to fly towards the USA to join Los Angeles FC's Young Roster.

The veteran Italian rockstar looks to help the LAFC capture its first Major League Soccer championship.

“I would say that LAFC is the perfect team for me because the team is full of young players. I think they can help me," the 37-year old Chiellini said during his introductory press conference.

Chiellini had been at Juventus since 2005, capturing nine Serie A and five Coppa Italia titles

The Italian player played his final international match from his country on June 1

“I read in the U.S. that the forwards, that the attackers sell tickets, that the defense win the league. Then this is my goal and my target,” he said.

Chiellini's veteran presence at center back will definately help LAFC.


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