James Webb Space Telescope's 1st amazing photo is now a dress

Recently NASA's James Webb Telescope captured the clearest image of the distant universe.

These images blew everyone's mind off with some sensational sights.

The fashion industry celebrated this victory in the most unique way by allowing you to add these images to your wardrobe.

The fashion brand Svaha has launched a new JWST-themed collection, including a dress, top and cardigan

This project from Svaha combines its two passions - Science and Fashion.

The cotton material of each of these items is fully covered with NASA's image, representing just a small speck of outer space in mesmerizing detail.

Customers of Svaha were reportedly very interested in the JWST outfit.

Each of the items in the Webb's First Deep Field clothing collection have been produced in sizes from XS to 5XL

 "As soon as NASA released the photo, our social media was flooded with requests from our customers to capture the image on a dress," Svaha founder and CEO Jaya Iyer.