Lea Michele has been auditioning for Funny Girl for more than a decade

Broadway’s next “Funny Girl” will be Lea Michele, who is replacing Beanie Feldstein after the “Booksmart” star announced she’d exit the show earlier than expected.

The production revealed Monday that Glee Star - Lea - would succeed Feldstein.

Michele, a vocal Streisand and Funny Girl fan, has been performing songs from the musical in Glee and other projects for over a decade.

For many younger audiences, Michele was likely their first exposure to the music from the show.

Back in 2009, during the first season of Glee, Michele sang a show-stopping version of the Funny Girl hit, "Don't Rain on My Parade," a favorite song among musical theater fans, including her character, Rachel Berry

Rachel was a huge Streisand fan in the show and her personality was strikingly similar to that of Fanny, perhaps serving as a long-running nod to the character.

During the Glee casts' World Tour in 2010, Michele continued to sing "Don't Rain on My Parade" nightly and her live performance was later brought to the big screen in the Glee concert film, Glee: The 3D Concert Movie

Michele chose to perform "Don't Rain on My Parade," in front of the likes of Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Will Smith at Tonny Awards

Throughout Glee's six-season run, Michele ended up performing all of Streisand's biggest numbers from Funny Girl, including "Who Are You Now", "My Man", "People", and more

But the most art-imitating-life prophecy came in 2014, during the show's fifth season when Michele was actually cast as Fanny Brice on Broadway, at least her character was.

The actress has a good working relationship with Funny Girl's director, Michael Mayer. In 2006, Mayer directed Michele in the groundbreaking hit musical, Spring Awakening, which launched her career.

Now, after more than a decade singing Funny Girl tracks, Michele will finally have her chance to live the dream on Broadway when she officially takes over the role of Fanny Brice on Sept. 6.


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