Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade passes away from Cancer

Technoblade is known for his humorous Minecraft videos, having over 10 million YouTube followers.

The minecraft community is huge, which has sold over 238 millions of copies and is available on many platforms.

Technoblade's real name was Alex. He was suffering from stage 4 cancer since last year.

His family announced his death on 30th June. They also shared a video on his YouTube channel in which his father read a letter which Technoblade wrote in his last few hours.

The family reflected on Technomancer's desire to "delight and reward his audience" through his videos and other activities

The family noted that Technoblade always wished for his true identity to remain confidential and has asked the audience to continue to honor that and respect the family's privacy at this time.

His fans expressed their sadness on the Social Media, they also said 'Technoblade Never Dies'


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