Mysterious Multi-State Listeria Outbreak Traced to Florida

An investigation is underway to identify the food source responsible for a multi-state outbreak of listeria infections

This multi-state Listeria Outbreak has involved people majorly live in Florida or traveled there prior to getting infected.

As of June 29, a total of 23 cases of listeriosis, a bacterial infection usually caused by eating food contaminated with listeria

These have been recorded in 10 states of the US, and caused 22 hospitalizations and one death

According to CDC, 20 among these 23 patients have direct or indirect links to Florida.

The are either the residents of Florida or traveled to Florida the month before they became ill

The “significance” of this connection to Florida is still under investigation, the CDC said

The other states involved in the outbreak are Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

So far, a common food source has not been identified.


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