NASA Perseverance Rover's Wind Sensor Damaged by Mars Rocks

The Perseverance rover landed on the Red Planet in February 2021 carrying various instruments including a weather station called Mars Environmental Dynamics Analyzer (MEDA).

MEDA has two wind sensors to measure the speed and direction that weather metrics such as humidity, radiation and air temperature

Recently, the Perseverance Rover hit by rocks on the Mars and the MEDA sensor got some serious damage.

Mars has a very harsh environment and the International Space Agency faces such issues every now and then, but recent issue is a bit serious.

The damage is done by the pebbles in MEDA's  one of the sensors.

According to investigator of MEDA, MEDA can still keep track of wind at its landing area in Jezero Crater, but with decreased sensitivity

The team is now re-tuning the retrieval procedure to get more accuracy from the undamaged detector readings

All the instruments on Perseverance including the sensors were designed with redundancy and protection in mind, but everything has a limit

The sensors are exposed to environmental conditions in order to record wind parameters, the chances of damages are high


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