Over 16000 acres destroyed in Oak Fire near Yosemite National Park

Dangerous wildfire outside California's Yosemite Park is spreading extremely speedily.

The fast spreading is causing a great trouble to authorities in the evacuation process.

California Fire Battalion Chief has said that the fire has exploded to more than 16,700 acres and shattered at least seven structures

Around 3000 people have already been evacuated from their homes by the authorities.

More than 2,500 personnel are working hard to get command over the fire.

More than a dozen helicopters, 281 fire engines and 46 water tenders are being used by the teams.

Due to dry dead and downed fuels, fire has remained active in many areas.

The incident has been declared as an emergency, as it is spreading heavily and affecting many people.

This oak fire is the largest active Oak fire of California.

We sincerely hope that this emergency passes soon and don't cause too much to the people living around there.