Polio returns to the USA, First case after a decade in New York

New York health officials have confirmed the polio case, nations first case in almost a decade, on 21st July

The case was discovered in Rockland County, a suburb of New York City

This case involves polio Sabin type 2 virus, which is “indicative of a transmission chain from an individual who received the oral polio vaccine.” according to officials

Surprisingly, this vaccine type is not being used in the USA, that suggests that the originator of the case is outside of the country

Polio is an infection caused by the poliovirus. The polio virus spreads very quickly among asymptomatic people and take up to 30 days for symptoms to appear

 About 1 in 4 infected people have flu-like symptoms including sore throat, fever, tiredness, nausea, headache and stomach pain.

 As many as 1 in 200 will develop more serious symptoms that include tingling and numbness in the legs, an infection of the brain or spinal cord, and paralysis

Unfortunately there is no cure for polio, and any type of paralysis caused by polio is permanent. 

This is the first case reported in the USA since 2013, and this is an alarming situation for the country after COVID Pandemic.