This is how the world was when Queen Elizabeth began her reign in 1952

In 1952, the world's population was around 2.6 billion people.

Harry Truman was president of the United States

Winston Churchill served as prime minister of the UK at the time. He and the Queen enjoyed a close relationship.

A first-class stamp cost three cents in the US and three halfpence in the UK at that time.

The average life expectancy in the US was around 71 (82.65 today) for women and 65(78.18 today) for men.

The 1952 polio epidemic ravaged the US, with 58,000 new cases.

Birth control pills weren't yet approved by the FDA

The Today Show aired its first episode in 1952 hosted by Dave Garroway.

A cup of coffee cost about 30 cents in 1952.


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